Our History

Embrace International Inc is a Christian faith-based non-profit organization that was founded based on inspiration from the story of the Prodigal Son and his father in the book of Luke 15:12-24. The founder Rosanna K Gwee was inspired by God to establish this organization when she got a refreshed understanding of the Prodigal Son and his father’s reception to his return home. While the founder read the story, she took a few phrases from the passage which are the foundations of her inspiration.

     And the YOUNGER SON said to his father give me portion -vs 12

     His father embraced his son with COMPASSION – vs 20

     He said, my son was dead, but he is ALIVE AGAIN – vs 24


Sometimes when people are young or inexperienced, they make mistakes and do things that are totally against the norms and values of society and all they need is that act of LOVE AND COMPASSION that will make them be ALIVE AGAIN like the father did in Luke 15:24. That is one reason why Embrace International Inc was founded, to focus on the problems that seem to undermine societal stabilities using a biblical approach. The phrase WAS DEAD BUT HE IS ALIVE AGAIN literally means that the prodigal son was disconnected from his family and society and when he reconnected to his society, he was considered being ALIVE AGAIN. That is also the reason why the organization focuses on the family. Embrace International Inc is a member of The Alliance Of Arizona Nonprofits.