What We Do


We the leaders of Embrace International Inc believe in human capacity building through education. We understand that education empowers and prepares people to knowledgeably contribute and transform communities and nations development. With this concept in mind, we have identified three dimensional educational programs to help us serve the needs of our communities effectively. 


Our scholarship program is focused for now on the population we have identified as the “Foundational Level Of Our Generation.” This level comprises of students who are enrolled or want to enroll in first grade through six grades but whose parents or guardians have experienced or are experiencing extreme economic hardship due to other factors. We believe that if this foundational level of students are given the opportunities to have solid educational foundations, our communities and nations will be stable.


Our students empowerment program here at Embrace International Inc helps us to be a part of students educational process. We empower students by providing students to have access to learning resources through technology and provide them with learning materials through donations to educational institutions with the most students needs.


In our societies today, many factors have caused separation of family that leaves the entire parenting responsibilities to rest on either side, the father or mother. These parental responsibilities coupled with others, are indeed overwhelming and can’t be sometimes bored by a single parent. Sometimes single parents have lots going on in their lives that they are unable to adequately bring their children up according to societal standards with moral integrity. It is statistically evident that most children that ends up in the systems of most country, grew up in single parents homes. Therefore as part of Embrace International Inc mission to identify, tackle and solve problems that affect families stability and progress, our Nurture To Mentor Educational Program works with single parents and vulnerable children by focusing on the children’s educational, social and psychological needs by establishing a long term mentorship program where these children can have the environment to be nurtured and grow.


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